1. How much extra am I paying in box office fees?

All ticket prices include HST, and single ticket charges incurred by The Aud.

When purchasing on KWTickets, the platform does charge $0.50 per ticket and a $3.00 per order fee as convenience charges for purchasing online. Because these fees are above the control of The Aud, we were not able to roll those into the ticket prices.

2. What sections are behind the Titans' Bench?

Sections 14 & 16

3. What sections are behind the visitors' Bench?

Sections 8 & 10

4. What is the total capactiy of Dom Cardillo Arena?


5. For further inquiries Contact Us:


6. Ticket inquiries contact the Box Office:

Email: audboxoffice@gmail.com

Phone: 519-578-1570

Box Office Hours:
Monday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM