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The KW Titans are excited to announce the launch of the corporate Flex Pack options!

The goal with the Flex Pack is to provide businesses in our community a unique, exciting and impactful way to recognize the employees in their corporation. High quality, professional basketball in the region’s backyard, is the perfect way to do this without the drive down the 401 and added costs associated with the long-distance trek. 

The KW Titans understand that local businesses are in constant pursuit of unique ways to reward and appreciate their employees, but also to create fun experiences outside of the workplace for team building and employee retention, the KW Titans present the 10 and 20 Flex Pack ticket options. 

With the Flex Pack, an organization can purchase tickets in groups at a reduced rate of 10 for $210 or 20 for $400 (normal game day walk-up prices are $27.50). However, along with this the main bonus of the Flex Pack Tickets, is that they can be used at ANY game during the 2020 season. 

The idea here is tickets can be used by local businesses as a:

  • Team building opportunity
  • Employee appreciation
  • Retention initiative
  • Talent acquisition
  • Weekly incentives

Flex Packs can be ordered online at: https://www.kwtitans.com/flexpacks/

Additionally, there are unique opportunities on the courtside in our newly created Mercedes-Benz Kitchener-Waterloo and Pfaff Automotive Courtside Suites.

To book a suite for any of the remaining games this season you can contact Denise directly, denise.benninger@kwtitans.com.

The full schedule is available online at www.kwtitans.com

Flex Packs can be purchased through the AUD Pre-Purchased: By Phone: The Aud • 519-578-1570  | In Person: The Aud • Mon-Fri 10am-4pm⠀⠀

Flex Packs can also be ordered online at www.kwtitans.com (e-transfer and invoice options available)

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