Adrian Mike – Conquering

Adrian Mike separated himself from other Canadian basketball players at a young age. In high school, he competed against Tristan Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Anthony Bennett while playing for Phase 1 Preparatory School and Nike Grassroots Elite Canada (AAU Program).

He attended summer workouts at West Virginia, but an opportunity presented itself, and Adrian decided to immediately sign as a professional basketball player with the CB Cellera in Girona, Spain the top Catalan division. After a couple more years in Spain, Adrian participated in the Connected Sports Invitational G-League tournament in Las Vegas in 2018, played in the Canada Winter Pro-Am League before returning to Tortosa, Spain for one last year.

April 2021 saw Adrian join the Jamaican National Team to participate in the World Championship Pre-qualifiers. He’s ready for the NBLC.

Adrian reflected on his past accomplishments and the choice to come back to Canada. “Our family is really close, and it’s always been the plan to come home. I’ve been away for almost 7 years, and I needed to come back. I’ve learned a lot over there, but being home, knowing that my family and my friends will have the chance to see me play live after only being able to watch from livestreams, I have a different feeling in my heart. It’s one of the greatest feelings. I won’t feel like I’m by myself because I have my people with me.”

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“Mel connected with me when she started scouting, saw my experience, and listened to what I wanted to change about my career and where I wanted to go. She’s come out to a couple of runs and we have had so many conversations about improvement and working towards a roster spot since August. I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Coach Neal now, and it’s really been amazing to see the energy he brings, the passion for the sport, and for the team.

I’m excited to be joining KW as a Titan. This is going to be a new experience for me after playing overseas. I’m looking forward to playing with a new group of guys, learning from a new coach and playing a different style of basketball. I’m just really excited to get back in my element and play the game I love; to have the opportunity to play close to home, after playing overseas for my entire professional career, this really means a lot to me. I have a really good feeling about this season. It has been nothing but good vibes with everyone I’ve met so far. I’m looking forward to see what we can achieve together, and I’m excited to bring home a championship with my new Titans family.”

Mel shared her thoughts:

“When I connected with Adrian the first time, it was one of those moments when I could feel something there different about his experiences. He’s been through a lot in the past year or two, outside of what we all have been going through with COVID. He’s locked in and ready to go. The way he sees the floor and has no fear of getting to the basket, is going to bring a dynamic feel that our fans haven’t really seen before. He’s really involved in his community at home and has started his own brand ‘Conquered’. Adrian takes an active role as a motivational speaker and philanthropist in the city of Toronto. In 2019, he joined Hour Zero Corporation in their campaign to serve underprivileged youth in the community of Rexdale, Ontario.”

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