Miller’s 2022 = Season 2

The KW Titans added a local face in 2020 by inviting Kitchener native Juwan Miller to try out for the team. Described as “a defensive dog” by the previous coaches, Juwan was dedicated to showing the fans his improvement from playing at Missouri S&T on home court.

His tenacity and commitment to improvement, saw Juwan invited to a couple of runs with other pros from the GTA to see how dedicated he was in the down time of the pandemic to his improvement.

Improve he has, and still dedicated he is to his hometown Titans to get them back on the floor and producing wins.

“I am beyond excited and blessed to be returning back this year! Words can’t describe how happy I am to be putting back on a Titans jersey and setting foot on the court. Especially with all our new coaching staff joining the team, I can feel how eager everyone is to get the ball rolling. I’m looking forward to all they have to offer and bring to the team.

In meeting our new head Coach Neal Foreman, I can tell he has a lot of basketball knowledge, that he is consistently giving out to everyone, no matter the time or place. I see him continuing to guide the program in the right direction. I am looking forward to playing for him this season! I am beyond grateful and blessed to continue my basketball career. Not everyone has an opportunity to continue to advance their career, especially with all the public health restrictions. Especially, with how we ended our season 2 years ago…. I can’t wait to step foot back on that hardwood floor!” – Juwan Miller

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“Juwan and I had kept in touch since the initial lockdown in 2020. As another local player, we discussed his time at school in Missouri, and how blessed he felt to have had an opportunity at home to play in front of his friends and family. It was disappointing to see it cut short, because when he did get on the court he made an impact. He came in at the right time when we lost Charvis and Sutherland to injury.

I was extremely happy to see how he had been keeping in shape and improving, even though he hadn’t made it overseas during the lockdown. He’s bringing it at every workout, and is committed in every fiber to be a better player and contribute to the team’s success. The assistants are getting into town next week, and man, when they get their hands on him and Adrian, we’re going to have a set of points, especially with Cliff and Neal both being point guards in their careers… the fans will get a show for real” – Mel Kobe

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