Matt Neufeld – Canadian Centre Destined for Greatness

Training camp is 20 days away, and 40 days until the Titans are on the floor in The Aud after almost 2 years. Tickets now available for purchase, the home opener is not going to be one to miss.

“I have to have Neufeld. He’s young, lots of potential, he’s got the overall size, he’s Canadian. He HAS to be on our roster.” – Mel Kobe’s words from the very first meeting that potential players were being discussed.

When GM Mel Kobe attended a Guelph Nighthawks CEBL game this past summer, she noticed a new face that the team had just signed. You couldn’t miss him, he was 7′ tall, his post seal, and his baby hook struck a familiar cord with her reminiscent of her own style of back-to-the-basket play. She watched each of the 7 games he played for Guelph.

Little did she know that a month later she would be starting to take a look at the KW Titans’ sustainability and weeks later the NBLC started putting together draft schedules.

Neufeld was a member of the U19 Canadian National Team that participated in the 2015 FIBA World Championships along with Memphis Grizzlies star Dillion Brooks and Edmonton Stingers stand out Brody Clarke, and Justin Jackson who is currently playing for Long Island Nets of the NBA G-League. The coaches of that team? None other than Roy Rana as the head coach, Scott Morrison, and Steve Konchalski were on the staff.

Kobe played it cool during the virtual calls with Matt at home in Victoria, but there was no other option than to sign him. “He’s been around the area already, and he’s 100% onboard with what we are trying to attain this season. This kid is going places, and I’m obsessed with his post skills. Matt is more than a shot blocker, his stats show it, he takes the right shots, and knows how to use his body to his advantage.”

Matt chimed in, “I’m excited to be joining the Titans! I had a great experience in the CEBL last summer and I’m hoping for a similar experience with KW! Nothing beats playing in your home country in front of fans and people you know!”

Neufeld attended UC-Davis majoring in Communications.

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